F4U Corsair with progress

More MyPaint painting. A F4U Corsair! In Brit livery! With late-model 4-bladed prop! Were there any such beasts? I don't know.

Used a couple Wikipedia photos for ref: back view, under view, front and color scheme, side view.

8 minutes

Started off with a very simple perspective framework (you might be able to see cross-shaped lines in the underdrawing), then drew the plane on top of them. I've drawn a couple different pictures of the F4U Corsair last week, so I'm working partially from memory here. That's probably why I got it done so fast. My drawing tablet has occasional weird tracking problems, the circles are for working around them...

19 minutes

Continued drawing and refining. Customized the eraser tool to use opacity 0.5 instead of 0.05, making it less frustrating.

31 minutes

Trying to figure out what I'm going to do with the light.

42 minutes

Came up with a hack: put sun reflecting from the sea at the top. Notice that I never managed to draw it properly, so it looks more like a weird cloud. The clouds are kinda lacking. Perhaps should ref them. Lacking contrast in plane. The yellow nose looks bad.

70 minutes

The yellow nose still looks bad but in a different fashion. Plane-bg contrast better, tailplane is too light. Markings are very "njaaa there's something there, enough!" The hard highlights work good, tight shapes are tight. Wing leading edge curve highlight kinda bad. Fuselage above that very messy.

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