After setting down the palette, I hid the reference photo and painted on top of the sketch, trying to work from memory. Comparing to the ref, the bow shape is wrong and the bow sucks in general. Bow wake is screwed up. The red is too thick and too filled. Lighting doesn't work (not that there is much). Good exercise.

Update #2:

Continuing from yesterday. Brought back the reference photo and started fixing things. This thing has a super busy deck with an endless amount of red pipes and railings and all other tanker craziness. I still need to put in the name and the windows and blend out some of the spurious detail. Now, a good question would be whether this kind of an illustration would be better achieved by just tracing the photo instead of doing it the hard way like this...

Update #3:

I think I'm going to leave it at that. The deck is lacking detail and the water is very suggested, so those would be the things to sink more work in. And the bow form doesn't read quite right. Oh well, maybe I'll fix them later, if it starts bothering me enough.

Update #4:


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